Tending your lady garden and staying babyfaced…literally…

I love the attitude of the Vagenda – with their snarky, clever, sometimes angry, often hilarious and always relevant posts. They range from everything from why the Evening Standard thinks its ok to use a woman’s body as a shoe rack to what to do when Marie Claire says you need to wax your lover’s initial or a seasonal symbol into your bikini line (OK, I wrote that one…tackling all the big issues here.)

For all the silliness, the best thing about the Vagenda is that its a space where heavyweight issues can be addressed – just not in an overly earnest way. You can poke fun, laugh, be angry and shouty or just shrug and point at how stupid stuff that’s aimed at women can be, and still have a solid point to the issue you’re raising.

Here are a couple of pieces I wrote for them. For some light relief with a heavyweight centre.

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Your Bikini Line, You Disgusting Hairy Beast


New Maybelline Beauty Ad Encourages Us to Make Like a Baby (and Shit Ourselves)



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