Artist? In a band? Theatre company? Read this…

imagesYou’ve got a show/gig/exhibition coming up and you want as many people to come to it as possible. Obvs. 

But you can’t afford snazzy press and publicity. 

What to do?

Tip number one: Don’t just send a blurred, out of focus, tiny black and white photo to your local paper with a brief line on how existentially challenging and ephemerally bodacious you/your show/your music is.

Read this instead (disclaimer: it’s by me):

How to write a press release – IdeasMag

When I headed up the arts section of a large local daily paper in Essex, I used to get asked for advice on how to promote yourself all the time.

I also used to get send blurred, out of focus, tiny black and white photos a lot as well accompanied by a few lines of tangled, overwrought blurb. Which is how I know how utterly useless they are.

I know first hand that there are plenty of musicians, artists, theatre and all round creative folk who really struggle when it comes to self-promoting and getting journalists the information they need.

But it’s not as hard as you might think putting together a decent, useful press release or pack. And it can get you valuable coverage and attention. If a journalist knows you’re reliable, quick off the mark and good at sending them what they need, they’ll recognise your stuff and be keen to feature you again too – so it’s an investment.


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