Eat an apple every day…

One of the fun things about going freelance is being able to write about pretty much whatever I find interesting and inspiring. 

I don’t have to think within the boundaries of a certain area or worry about whether it fits into a certain section of a paper or not. 

So when I came across organic skincare company Essential Care in my ever-ongoing quest for lovely, organic and ethically sourced products to put on my skin, I knew I wanted to feature them somewhere.

The small family run company has a great story – Margaret Weeds first started developing the natural products from herbs in her own garden to treat her family’s sensitive skin. Along with her daughter Abi, they launched Essential Care 10 years ago – and now have fans including Hollywood actor Amanda Seyfried and West End and TV star Denise Van Outen singing their praises.

Their products are pretty delicious – and all vegetarian, with some vegan as well as being certified by the Soil Association, the gold standard in organically produced goodies.

They promote Fairtrade farming, produce in small batches and cold-press their essential plant oils to keep a hold of all the goodness in there which can be lost otherwise. What’s more, my skin has never looked so good since I started using their products. Ethics are one thing, but if it doesn’t actually work, it’s no good.

So I was chuffed when fab ethical beauty blog Beauty Boots asked me to do a Q&A with Abi.

If you fancy a read, you can link to the site here: Under the Beauty-Scope

And you can visit the Essential Care website and snaffle up some of their lovely products here: Essential Care


Essential Care co-founder Abi Weeds

Essential Care co-founder Abi Weeds


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